coloring pages

This blog, coloring pages, is like a junk drawer filled with odds and ends: a hot clue gun, miniature pom-poms, paper clips, hair bands, chap sticks, and an old fire smoke alarm. At least these are some of the things in our kitchen drawer at the moment.
Samantha, on roller blades


the colors of fall

one fall afternoon moon more sky

another leaf

Lake Jordan


embrace silence

This is my drawing of a palette with colors my youngest daughter and I used today on our sketches. Then we flicked paint with our brushes to make the palette look like it had been used. Fun stuff. Out of the ordinary for me to do this. And a great way to help an active 7-year-old kid just be quiet for a few minutes. This child of mine, who flits from friend to friend, builds forts, does karate chops on different parts of your body and makes crutches, headphones, and a microphone out of q-tips for her stuffed animals.

the phone call my mother took

IMG_1259I was slicing strawberries, when my mother answered the phone, receiving the sad news that her neighbor, who lived two houses down the street, passed away.  She drew her last breath before the sun came up and above the horizon. I had already been up for hours during the night before the call came unable to sleep because of a nasty cold and was unaware that at the same time our neighbor was dying. Hearing this news put things into perspective. My mother had lost a close friend, someone whom she adored, so we sat at this table, reminiscing and eating strawberries.

Singing in the rain

strangers with raincoats by the Thames River

no way to escape if you were a prisoner at the bloody tower?

Window, at Tower of London

unless you…

  • can physically overwhelmed the guards,
  • can bypass the royal (and wild) beasts to get to the gate
  • knew how to open the gate, which is immersed halfway into the Thames River (probably your only escape route)
  • knew how to swim

The place was rather hauntingly, very depressing. Just too many secrets. Too many unknowns.  I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. At least I had the choice (to leave).

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