coloring pages

This blog, coloring pages, is like a junk drawer filled with odds and ends: a hot clue gun, miniature pom-poms, paper clips, hair bands, chap sticks, and an old fire smoke alarm. At least these are some of the things in our kitchen drawer at the moment.

And here’s our reusable grocery bag




we have one of these frogs…



Takes a while to feed him. Call him Pepper (Salt died last year). We use a tooth pick to direct the food right above his head. Think he’s blind. Just need for him to see the little speck of food above his head so he can get to it.

Girl WIth Balloon

On a sketching break….


On a sketching break, from studying adjusting entries

““Girl Scouts accuse Boy Scouts of recruiting girls to increase membership.”

Scout with Balloon



General John Kelly

consider it my chill pill



Samantha, on roller blades

the colors of fall

one fall afternoon moon more sky

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